Can I receive magazines by eSnail?

Yes! If you would like to subscribe to a magazine using your eSnail Box we will notify you when you have mail and either forward it to you for a $10 forwarding fee, or colour scan it for you for only $3. Please note that scanning the magazine will destroy the bindings. This scanning policy includes any document over 20 pages.

Can I receive cheques that are mailed to my eSnail address?

Yes! When we receive a cheque from you we will send you an email confirming your address. Once you confirm your address we will mail you the cheque directly.

What if I move or travel?

You receive mail addressed to your eSnail account wherever you have access to the internet. Your account goes wherever you go!

Will you send me any junkmail?

Because our scanning process is automated, we will scan and email all mail that is addressed under the name you registered with This may include fliers and lettermail.

Do I have to download any special software?

All you need to open your mail is an email account and browser.

What happens to my mail after it's scanned?

After we've scanned your mail it is immediately Archived. We hold your mail there for 90 days in case you would like to have a physical copy of your mail forwarded to you. After 90 days it will be automatically shredded and recycled to protect your privacy and the environment.

Can I have my mail forwarded to me?

Absoloutely! We understand that you might be recieving important documents or letters with sentinmental value so we'll honor any request for physical copies.

What happens if I get a parcel shipped to this address?

We'd be happy to forward you any parcels you receive at this address to wherever you are in the world, however a handling fee of $10 plus postage will apply.

What happens if I go over my monthly limit?

If your account goes over limit, we will first noitify you. However if you go over your limit and decide not to upgrade your plan we will charge you $1.00 for each additional piece of mail to receive.

How do I modify my account settings or change my service?

If you would like to modify your account, you can make many changes in your profile page after you log in to your account. These changes include changing your business name, email or password. If you would like to request a billing change or have a package or letter forwarded please contact us at

What happens if a catalog subscription gets shipped to eSnail?

Catalogs that are adressed to you will be treated the same as magazines and we will give you the option of scanning, recycling or forwarding them to your current address.

What will my new address be?

In order to start receiving mail at your account simply share any of the following address with your mailers:

1-2785 Commercial Drive
Vancouver‎ BC
V5N 4C5

Doesn't my credit card billing address need to be the same as my shipping address for online purchases?

For security reasons many Credit card companies do require that you register both your billing and mailing addresses with them before you buy things online. However you can ask your credit card company to add multiple addresses to your account so that you can recieve your bills to one address and have purchases mailed to another address.

What measures are in place to ensure that my mail and personal information is secure?

Each account is password protected and our employess must adhere to strict privacy guidelines.