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Gabriel N.

eSnail has helped me in a huge way. I went backpacking through South America and had I not used it, I would have completely forgotten to pay the electricity bill.

Michael Doe

Had I not signed up for eSnail before I went for a holiday, I would have missed the arrival of the concert tickets I ordered for my nephew. Luckily I saw them in my inbox and he was able to pick them up before the concert!

Sophie Devereaux

I've been using eSnail for the past 6 months in order to get my Cosomopolitan subscription in pdf format and I love it!

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No problem! If you would like to subscribe to a magazine using your eSnail Box we will notify you when you have mail and either forward it to you for a $5 forwarding fee, or colour scan it for you for only $1.50 Please note that scanning the magazine will destroy the bindings.

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You receive mail addressed to your eSnail account wherever you have access to the internet. Your account goes wherever you go!

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Because our scanning process is automated, we will scan and email all mail that is addressed under the name you registered with This may include fliers and lettermail.

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It's nice to see positive change happening in the world. A friend of mine sent me a link to this company in Switzerland which has begun to offer scanning and storage online. Unfortunately they are running the business on the same principle as Earth Class Mail, an Oregon based startup that offers a similar service as

A friend of mine who is into marketing once told me that Canada Post is one of the most valuable brands in existence. By that he meant not the service it provides but the goodwill that the name holds with its users who view it as a trustworthy and efficient service.

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