Not every business or individual has the same needs. Some of us are looking for a solution to not having to drive out to that laneway PO box, some are moving away for college and aren't interested in forwarding their mail for years, still others are looking to relieve the workload that physical mail handling places on their company.

So whether you're expecting hundreds of pieces of mail a month or just one, we've got the plan that suits you best.

Your hometown plans:

Basic Personal Family Business Backpacker
Our basic plan suits the needs of digital natives who receive bills and notices in the mail but do most of their mailing online. Perfect for the individual who travels often or works in remote locations. Our family plan offers the same features as our personal plan but for you can have up to six separate names on the same plan. Great for families large and small. Our eLetter mail management system is a great tool for small businesses who want to spend less time sorting mail and more time engaging with their clients. Our tiniest plan for those who want the peace of mind of an address but don't receive that much mail Pay up front and put your mind at ease for a year.
We will scan this many envelopes and their contents each month: 20
$1 per extra envelope
20 or 80 pages
$1 per extra envelope
$1 per extra envelope
$1 per extra envelope
$0.5 per extra page
$1 per extra envelope
$0.15 per extra page
No. of names allowed on the plan: 2
$2 per extra
$2 per extra
$2 per extra
$2 per extra
$1 per extra
$25/mo( order now )

$275/year( order now )
$30/mo( order now )

$300/year( order now )
$25/mo( order now )

$330/year( order now )
$54.99/mo( order now )

$500/year( order now )
$20/mo( order now )

$200/year( order now )

* Each piece of mail we receive and scan only costs you $1.00 in addition to the monthly fee.

Included in all plans

  • Storage of your physical mail for up to three months
  • Automatic secure shredding of old mail
  • Unlimited Archiving of all your eLetters on our server
  • Your mail stored in searchable PDFs
  • Daily, weekly or up to the minute email digests updating you on when mail arrives in your eLetter box.
  • Automatic mail forwarding to multiple destinations
  • Forwarding of cheques at no charge
  • Full Color Scanning
  • Secure Shredding of old mail
  • Shipping Calculators
  • Free scanning of all received mail

Our Other Services offers all the services that a regular P.O. box would offer and then some- we offer the following services ready to order when you need them:

  • Package forwarding - $10 plus shipping
  • Document forwarding - $10 per forward plus postage (letters can be bundled at a single service charge)
  • Scan and Forward Magazines* - $10

* This service requires that we remove the bindings on the magazines.